Adelay was 2 months old here.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Splashtastic and More!

Well, it's been a busy time for Adelay! Let's go back to the day after her birthday party when our AC decided it was done. During her party, it was trying to hold out, but it blew it's last cold breath on Sunday. Rick and I grabbed some things and went to Grandpa's with Adelay which is when the "fun" began. I dunno if it was her being one or if it was the change of environment, but my easy-going, independent, "I don't need you, Mom" little baby has turned into a demanding, at times needy, "You better hold me NOW, Mom" toddler!! The change has been a bit startling. Plus, I'm actually here with her all week, every hour, every day... it's a tad overwhelming! My respect for stay at home moms (which was already very high) has quadrupled. Especially moms with multiple children.
Anyways, to keep this little toddler busy, we've been visiting splash parks, indoor mall playgrounds, and baby bounce. The Galleria and Collin Creek both have these foam-like play structures for kids to run around on. The one at the Galleria is a jungle theme, and the one at Collin Creek is more like an urban theme. While the one at the Galleria is cleaner looking, I actually like the one at Collin Creek better because the play structures are lower to the ground and easier for her to climb (which she LOVES to do). North Park mall has free baby bounce sessions which we go to sometimes on Mondays with some friends from church. I took her once during spring break when she wasn't walking, and it's a completely different experience with a walker! She'll stay in my lap for maybe the first 2 songs, and then she's off, getting in other baby's faces, taking their shakers and rattles, running away from me. But it's still a lot of fun.
The splash parks have definitely been the hit of the summer. We first went to one with Nikolas, her older "boyfriend". He's older, he walks, and he lit up when he saw Adelay. He's got potential. It was pretty much just the two of them there, so they roamed around somewhat together. She had so much fun, though. She didn't quite get in the water, but she waved her hand around in some of the splashes. Then we went to another one with two of her younger "boyfriends", Atticus and Rylin. Atticus has the same nickname - "Atty" and "Addy" - they sound pretty much the same. Rylin definitely tries to impress me by constantly catching my eye and smiling. Definitely some more potential in both of them, but Atticus really made his move. Adelay had been skirting the splash area, trying to get some cake from a birthday party that was being held under the pavilion, so she was standing at the outside of the play area when Atticus comes crawling up to her, reaches up his hand, and grabs her butt. It was very funny. The final time we went to a splash park was with Madalyn in Temple. This time, Adelay really got the point of these things, and she was in the water, walking through splashers, having a BLAST. Until she saw a bouncy ball, and then she was totally distracted.

Adelay, sporting the baby bikini, with Nikolas.

Feeling brave, and she went for it!!

A bit more modest, ready to play with the boys!

Atticus, the butt perpetrator. :) Unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots of Rylin. :(

Really feeling brave at the park with Madalyn!!

Adelay shows how a tankini is done right.

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  1. I vote Atticus. Atty and Addy is just too fun. Also, I thinkg 13-15 months was the hardest age. Just my opnion. But it got easier after that ;-)